In-house function

In-house alarm

In-House is a function used in stationary facilities where unwanted events or threats towards personnel, visitors and the facility itself can arise. This program can be used to give internal alerts, as well as external alerts, about the events that have transpired, or may transpire. The goal of this function is to alert other resources in the facility about the need for awareness because of a unwanted or special event.


It is a challenge to acquire knowledge about a user’s location inside a facility. A GPS-locator will not give a correct position inside an office building, especially if it has several floors. The Admin can however predefine locations such as office, meeting room etc. in the In-House function. The users will then be able to choose their location based upon the already predefined locations. The receiver of the alert will then immediately see where the users is based upon the chosen location, when the alarm is set off.

Bluetooth beacons

Locations can also be defined through Bluetooth beacons. The beacons can be placed in the desired locations so that the user’s location will be automatically decided by the beacons. There is therefore no need for the user to manually choose a predefined location from the list.

Bluetooth beacons have a battery life of approximately 5 years.