Integral security concept

CC-log is a web-based alert system/application, which communicates with users through the digital network. This solution gives the user the opportunity, without any time loss, to alert a second party about an unwanted external or internal event.

CC-Log system is usable in all professions in contact with outside sources, and meets organizations’ legal duty of care towards their employees.

iPhone application

Android application

Safety culture and duty of care

Companies have a legal responsibility to keep their employees safe, as they are their most valuable resource.

To fulfill this duty of care, companies implement safety measures through HSE work, provide training, and offer transparent and flexible reporting tools for employees to use.

When employees travel to high-risk areas or face challenging work processes, it’s important for the company to prioritize their safety and security. By understanding the culture and environment of the work area, and utilizing digital tools to promote safety, companies can create a safe and secure work environment that contributes to employee well-being and a positive reputation.

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Gives resources the opportunity to alert “their superior” in the event of an unwanted occurrence, so that the necessary actions can be started immediately – without any time loss.

Alert has 2 functions to secure the right information for the relevant instances, Alert and Delayed Alert.

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In-house alert

In-House is a function used in stationary facilities where unwanted events or threats towards personnel, visitors and the facility itself can arise. This program can be used to give internal alerts, as well as external alerts, about the events that have transpired, or may transpire.

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Used on work trips and/or tasks outside the office. The Travel-function can be used to keep track of the Users for their own security.

In case of unwanted events, the ones responsible for the users can without any time loss, confirm if the users are, or have been at a certain location.

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Crisis Log

Travels and unwanted events are registered and logged along with date, time of the event etc. The log provides a record of events that can be of great importance for the management.

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It is not only what we do, but also what we do not do, for which we are accountable.

Molière Jean-Baptiste Poquelin (1622-1673)