In 2017, 7,5% of employees in Norway reported that they had experienced threat of physical violence or physical violence.

Nearly 2 million American workers report having been victims of workplace violence each year.

CC-Log communicates with other devices over the digital network and can be used with platforms such as iOS, Android, and web solutions. The software consists of three main features; Alert, Travel, and In-House, and a Control feature.

The program can be included as a supplement to the organization’s security and contingency plan. And will contribute to safeguarding the organization’s HSE, promoting increased security and a better work environment for employees who may be exposed to unforeseen events in their workday, be it accidents, violence or threats.

All events are logged in and give the organization a transparent overview of the challenges employees face in their workday. This helps to promote a common understanding of adverse events.

The solution is relevant for anyone who needs an alert opportunity, regardless of where they are; industry, service, and operational activities ( resources with audience contact, travel, and/or job assignments outside the office facilities or with demanding work assignments where work mishaps can occur )

By implementing the Crisis Communication-Log product, one will immediately report the incident to predefined resources, which can quickly notify and initiate necessary measures. Situational and action logs will be visible for resources with access to the «Control function.» Communication both internally (stab) and to public authorities, as well as ownership of correct information against the media can take place on the way to the ” office,» thus starting the protection of the individual, team, and organization immediately, without time loss.

By putting into words, concretizing, and reporting unwanted challenges resources are exposed to, the employer may, at an earlier stage, take measures to prevent stress, physical and mental stresses, burnout, etc. A Crisis Index model has also been developed, which classifies violence ( and threats ) within different levels. This model forms the basis for training, reporting, and action measures for the security product.

The Dashboard – solution design is based on high ease of use. Measures that the individual is responsible for taking in an undesirable event should fall naturally.

The reports from Eurofond (European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions) highlights the subject of violence, threats and harassments in the workplace. The possibility of unwanted events have increased and can hit organisations and the personnel working for it.

Being exposed to this can lead to serious consequences for the individual both physically, mentally and socially. The goal of CC-log is to secure resources who are in need, conflict or a difficult and unmanageable situation.

Every Organization Needs to Address Workplace Violence!